Today Zimbabwe woke up to a stupid and crazy story of unimaginable proportion in the herald that Mavambo dumps Simba Makoni, and accreditted to a press conference from MKD national mobilisation chairman Lieutenant Colonel Kudzai Mbudzi (Retired, this is total nonsense from a national paper , it is known that Kudzai Mbudzi is not even a member of mavambo , he is not the National mobilization secretary , The  National Mobilization Secretary of MKD is MR Chengerai Gwanzura and we want to put it on record that everyone knows Mbudzi is a Zanu PF functionary.

The whole National management committee , candidates and all members and supporters of Mavambo Kusile Dawn (MKD) are full behind DR  Makoni and the coalition agreement with MDC-T and we are 100% behind Morgan Richard Tsvangirai as the presidential candidate we will never endorse or support Robert Mugabe under any circumstances.

So for Herald to publish this story it defies all logic and it is the most stupidest story they have ever publish about this election ..and it questions the motive and also the professionalism of both the reporter and the editor who takes such a story from Kudzai Mbudzi and yet they ran a number of stories in 2008 that Kudzai Mbudzi has left Mavambo .