mavambo and culture fund 103We, the founding members of the M.K.D Movement, recognise that Zimbabwean society is polarised, that our leaders are alienated from the people and that the state resorts to violence to suppress dissent and dialogue. The state is averse to and intolerant of alternative views and ideas. Our people are seized with fear, and suffer extreme stress and tension. There is:
• little respect for the law;
• disregard for human rights;
• gross abuse of state resources;
• rampant corruption;
• politicisation of national institutions; and,
• poor accountability in the conduct of national affairs.
There is no vision or agenda around which to rally the nation for reconciliation, healing, revival and development. As a result, Zimbabwe’s economy has been undermined, with over 80% of the population living in abject poverty, and rampant unemployment, especially among the youth. This situation has dispersed a big part of the population into exile, where many Zimbabweans live in conditions of deprivation and want.

The family, community and national bonds and fabric of coherence and collective responsibility have been severely weakened by state ineptitude in social, political and economic management. The result is economic contraction, mega-inflation and massive declines in access to food, education, health, housing, water, sanitation, energy, transport and other goods and services.

We recognise that the national liberation struggle was successfully waged through mobilisation of nearly the whole population, and effective cooperation among the different political and civic formations. We appreciate the initial peace and stability, progress in economic and social development, and human upliftment, achieved in the early years of national independence. We also acknowledge the alienation, and pain inflicted on sections of the population, at that early stage of our nationhood.

Therefore, being committed to true national unity, and genuine empowerment of citizens, communities and organizations, we offer the people of Zimbabwe a political party that aims to mobilise Zimbabweans to build on the vision and experiences of our national liberation struggle, and the gains of the early years of independence. Through M.K.D. the people of Zimbabwe can re-dedicate themselves to making Zimbabwe a peaceful, respectable, prosperous, progressive and developed country.


The name of the Party shall be Mavambo.Kusile.Dawn (M.K.D).


The rising sun, representing newness, a new beginning, re-birth and constant renewal, shall be the party symbol.


3.1 A stable, peaceful, united, progressive and developed Zimbabwe, where rights and freedoms of all citizens are respected and protected.
3.2 A party of constant renewal, inclusion, tolerance, transparency and accountability.


4.1 To mobilize the nation to share and realise our vision.
4.2 To position M.K.D to become the party of choice that will appeal to all Zimbabweans.


5.1 Philosophy

To create an open accessible, accountable, responsible and responsive governance system that:
• provides genuine empowerment;
• is caring and compassionate; and
• provides equity and fairness for all Zimbabweans, regardless of region, ethnicity, religion, gender, race, class, disability and age.