gl-5The promotion of national reconciliation and healing through:
• Acknowledgement of the destruction and disruption of families and communities through political violence and the need for truth and forgiveness.
• Provision of justice, counselling, rehabilitation and restitution.

The restoration of civil liberties, freedoms of speech, assembly, association, choice, and return to the rule of law through:
• Involvement of all stakeholders in the constitutional making process.
• Reform and amendment of all repressive legislation.
• Depoliticisation of the civil service and the security organs so that they serve the interests of the state and the Zimbabwean nation at large.
• Reaffirmation, redefinition and depoliticisation of the institutions of traditional leadership of chiefs, headmen and village heads.

The restoration of the economic and social viability of Zimbabwe through:
• Formulation and implementation of prudent economic, fiscal and monetary policies, which uphold a business friendly environment, for the growth of the economy and the creation of employment.
• Promotion of domestic and foreign investment in mining, construction, tourism, industry and commerce to stimulate economic recovery.
• Engagement of all stakeholders in the process of fair and transparent land reform, with the critical objective of reviving agricultural productivity and ensuring food security.
• Restoration and further development of national public utilities such as water and energy and other infrastructure, transport and communications.
• Restoration and stabilisation of sound financial services.
• Mobilization of social protection measures to strengthen humanitarian assistance, particularly focusing on vulnerable members of our society.
• Resuscitation and development of quality accessible and affordable primary, secondary and tertiary education.
• Revival of free preventative and affordable curative medical services.
• Provision of training programmes to increase the skills base that will make Zimbabwe internationally competitive and its people self-reliant.
• Engagement of the Zimbabwean Diaspora in the development of the country.
• Advocacy for the safety, security and welfare of Zimbabweans outside the country.
• Reengagement of the international community and reinstatement of bilateral and multilateral co-operation.

‘Let’s Get Zimbabwe Working Again’