5.3 Economic and Social Viability

  • Formulations and implementation of prudent economic, fiscal and monetary policies which uphold a business friendly environment, for the recovery and growth of the economy and creation of employment.
  • Promotion of domestic and foreign investment in all sectors of the economy, especially those with the potential and capacity for rapid recovery, such as agriculture, tourism, and services.
  • Normalisation and rationalisation of land distribution, in order to revive agricultural production and productivity, to restore food security and the supply of raw materials into secondary industry.
  • Restoration and expansion of public utilities such as water and sanitation, energy, transport and communications.
  • Resuscitation and expansion of quality accessible and affordable primary, secondary and tertiary education.
  • Revival of free preventative and affordable curative health services.
  • Implementation of programmes to increase the skills and expertise of Zimbabweans, to make the country globally competitive, and citizens self-reliant.
  • Normalisation of relations with regional neighbours and the international community, and re-instatement of bilateral and multilateral cooperation.