5.6 Economy

Our economic programmes will be founded on the following pillars:

  1. Creating opportunities for decent employment for the people of Zimbabwe.
  2. Eliminating poverty and the extreme inequalities in society.
  3. Genuine empowerment of citizens, to enable them to be self-reliant, by removing the impediments to their self-actualisation. Empowerment is not the same as free handouts or confiscation of assets developed by others.
  4. A developmental state located at the centre of a mixed economy.
  5. Recognising and promoting a thriving private sector, which is necessary for economic growth and diversification.
  6. Nurturing and resourcing efficient state owned enterprises that provide essential services to the economy and society as a whole.
  7. Close cooperation with industry on beneficiation and value addition of the country’s raw materials and minerals.
  8. Establishing a Sovereign Wealth Fund responsible for mobilising public sector capital for investment in both commercial ventures and the provision of public goods.

Agriculture, mining, tourism and services (i.e. transport and communications, information and communications technology, banking and finance) hold promise of quick recovery and growth, once political stability and policy clarity and consistence are restored.