1. Zimbabwe today

Zimbabwe today is characterised by:

  • fear, insecurity, tension and mistrust;
  • extreme poverty, affecting the overwhelming majority of the population;
  • rampant unemployment, especially amongst the youth;
  • dispersion and disintegration of the national and family fabric, as Zimbabweans emigrate, becoming political and economic refugees, many living in conditions of privation and destitution;
  • serious decline in the quality of education, health and sanitation services;
  • inadequate housing, energy and water;
  • transport problems nationwide and the parlous state of road network;
  • corruption and lack of accountability in the conduct of national affairs;
  • social and political polarization, with leaders alienated from the people;
  • Siege mentality in the state, with the state using violence to suppress popular dissent;
  • Widespread disregard for the law, especially by leaders, and leading state institutions.
  • gross abuse of state resources by public officials and institutions, and also by non-state organisations connected to state functionaries;
  •  corruption, privatisation and politicisation of national institutions;
  • Scourge of patronage and gross abuse of power and culture of “chefdom”.
  • Lack of national vision and programmed for mobilizing citizens for national reconciliation and revival.